Custom Labeling

We can customize your gifts specifically for your business/special events by putting your logo/artwork on the label and/or by putting your logo in the chocolate.

Custom Labels

When your logo/artwork is put on a label we call that custom labeling (white labeling). We ask that the customer provides the artwork for the label. We will create a proof of label and send that for final approval before any printing happens.

Some customers design the entire label and others just want their logo dropped onto our current label.

Labels can be created for just about any item that gets packaged; chocolate bars, boxes of chocolate and even bags of chocolate. There is a minimum of 12 chocolate bars when you order a custom label. We dd not charge extra for the custom labels because all the printing is done in house.

Custom Molds

Custom molds can be created in almost any shape saying just about anything. The process for a custom mold starts with the artwork. Camera ready black and white artwork is submitted to the mold maker. They create a proof for approval before creating the die (the master). Once the die is created then the quantity of molds is made. From when the artwork is sent to the mold maker to when molds are in hand is 6-8 weeks. The customer pays for the die and Branson’s Chocolates buys all the molds that are needed. Molds wear out and we do occasionally break them, that is why we buy the molds.

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