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The Beat Goes on at Branson’s Chocolates

Sneak Preview: March 2015

The Beat Goes on at Branson’s Chocolates

Back in the day when the Ashland Fudge Co. was all the rage on the Plaza, Deena Branson was the rock that held it together.  “I worked there for ten years for all three owner,” Deena said.  “I stepped away for a couple of years but realized that chocolate was my passion.  When the opportunity came to purchase the production equipment and recipes from the owners of Ashland Fudge, my husband Kevin and I jumped at it.”

In December 2005 they opened Branson’s Chocolates, which is now located at 1662 Siskiyou.

Both Kevin and Deena grew up in the Rogue Valley.  Kevin graduated from Crater High School and has worked in the Ashland area for 26 years with ASLCO (American Linen), while Deena was born and raised here, growing up on middle Clay Street.

“My father, Rex Bounds, has the oldest U-Haul business in Ashland, and I started doing his payroll 22 years ago and still do it to this day.”  Deena said.  “But it’s chocolate that is my primary focus.  We are a chocolate shop that believes in using the highest quality products and local products in small batches.  We believe in pricing our products in a way that you can have the “everyday indulgence” instead of the occasional piece/”

Branson’s Chocolates is definitely a family business, as everyone but one employee is family.  “When you walk in the shop you immediately smell the chocolate we’re working with.” Deena said.  “You’ll also see all the production and packaging happen right out front.”

They also custom label for sever business around the Rogue Valley, along with the places in other states.  “That means you may have had our products without realizing it.” Kevin said.  “Grange Co-op’s ‘Rogue’ Chocolate Bars, Paddington Station’s chocolate bars and Tudor Guild’s chocolate bars are just a few of the places where you can find our custom labeled products.”

The full March 2015 article can be found here.

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