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Our Confections Series: Truffles

If you have ever wondered what exactly a Truffle is, or what different flavors of chocolate bars we sell this will provide all of the answers to your questions. Over the next couple of months I will be writing separate blog posts on the different types of confections we offer including Truffles, Cremes, Chocolate Bars, etc.

Today we will be talking about one of our favorites; Truffles!

So what exactly is a truffle? A truffle has a ganache, (a combination of a chocolate butter cream and flavoring) based center. All of our truffles are gluten free except our specialty beer truffles. Our truffles are made by creating the center and dipping them twice in chocolate as opposed to being dipped only once or being processed in a mold. All of our truffles are handmade with no chemical preservatives used. Click here to read more about dietary concerns pertaining to each individual truffle. If you enjoy our truffles and are looking to expand your repertoire, we recommend the Wasabi and Jasmine which are also ganache based confections.

Each individual truffle can be purchased for $2.50 and we offer a discounted price on our six piece box. Many of our truffles along with many of our other products can be purchased here on our website or in our retail location at 1662 Siskiyou Blvd in Ashland, OR.

We have eleven regular flavors of truffles and six specialty flavors. Specialty flavors include our “Beer Truffles” made from locally produced beer.


Our Amaretto Truffle is made with Deseranno mixed into the ganache because of the more natural almond flavor as opposed to almond extract.The truffle is topped with chopped almonds.



Our Blackberry Truffle is made with Brandy Peaks Blackberry Liqueur (Brookings, OR) mixed in with the ganache. The truffle is topped with a purple colored white chocolate.


Crème de Menthe

Our Creme de Menthe truffle is made with Creme de Menthe and topped with a green colored white chocolate.




Our Espresso Truffle is made with espresso grounds from Rogue Valley Roasting company. The truffle is topped with more espresso grounds.




Our Orange Truffle is made with Crescendo Arancello Organic Orange Liqueer (Eugene, OR). The truffle is topped with an orange colored white chocolate.




Our Hazelnut Truffle uses Frangelico and is topped with a roasted hazelnut grown in the state of Oregon.




Our Pomegranate Truffle is made with Pama, a pomegranate liqueur, and topped with a pink sugar pearl.



Raspberry Chambord

Our Raspberry Chambord Truffle uses Raspberry Chambord, a black raspberry liqueur from France. The truffle is topped with pink white chocolate.



Rich Chocolate (2010 Chocolate Fest Peoples Choice Award)

Our Rich Chocolate Truffle is dark chocolate finished with more dark chocolate





Our Tequila truffle uses Patron Silver topped with a mix of lime flavored green white chocolate and Fleur de Sel sea salt.



Our Rum Truffle uses 4 Spirits Silver Rum and is topped with white chocolate.

Beer Truffles

Our specialty beer truffles were created when my husband encouraged me to do something different and challenged me to create a “six pack of beer”.  We have six different flavors of beer truffles:

Mogli Truffle


Our Mogli Truffle is produced with Caldera Brewery Mogli and dusted with cocoa powder.






Our Tunguska Truffle is produced with a cream style ale by Opposition Brewery.





Bloody Hippie



Our Bloody Hippie Truffle is made with a blood orange wheat brew and topped with red chocolate.




Milk & Honey


Our Milk & Honey truffle is produced with Standing Stone Milk and Honey and topped with white chocolate.





Toasted Coconut


Our Toasted Coconut Truffle is Produced with Standing Stone Brewery’s Toasted Coconut and topped with flakes of toasted coconut.





Siskiyou Pass


Our Siskiyou Pass Truffle is made with Bricktowne Brewery Siskiyou pass and topped with dark chocolate.