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My First Chocolate Bar

My First Chocolate Bar

Did you know that Branson’s Chocolates has not always produced chocolate bars? We used to be strictly focused on the production of everything but chocolate bars; truffles, barks, turtles etc.

In July of 2009, Ashland Springs Hotel asked me to make a hazelnut cranberry in milk chocolate bar as well as a marionberry in dark chocolate bar for retail purposes. As well as these being my first chocolate bars, this was also my first major custom labeling and custom flavor order. There are unique struggles that come with learning how to create a new confection. It took me about six weeks to get the ideal consistency of filling that would be considered hotel friendly. Chocolate can be a messy item!

Currently, 3/4 of our production is chocolate bars. You will see our bars in many different locations from Ashland Spring Hotel to Butler Automotives thank you gifts!

We have a variety of flavors including almond, blueberry, blackberry, caramel, cayenne cherry, coconut, cranberry, espresso, hazelnut, macadamia nut, mint, peach and many others! If you do not see a flavor you enjoy we encourage you to place a custom flavor order with us! You can learn more about our custom ordering process by  clicking here to read our blog post discussing your options!