Caldera Mogli® Porter Truffle

Local’s Guide: September 2015

Caldera Mogli® Porter Truffle

Chocolatiers have traditionally used liqueurs to flavor truffles. At Branson’s Chocolates, our Raspberry Chambord, Grand Marnier, Crème de Menthe, Frangelico Hazelnut, and Disaronno Amaretto truffles have been with us since the beginning. Over the years we’ve added Pacific Rum, Patron Tequila, Brandy Peak’s Blackberry, and Pama Pomegranate truffles. In September we’re adding a new flavor that sure to become another favorite—the Caldera Mogli® Truffle. Caldera Brewing Company is a local Ashland brewery, well known for its ales and lagers. We’ve chosen their Caldera Mogli® Bourbon Oak-Aged Chocolate Imperial Porter. Caldera Brewing says, “This is a chocolate, bourbon, oak-aged Imperial Porter. Mogli® is complex, sweet, chocolatey, big, and full of unconditional love! Sure to warm your heart.” Destined to be used to flavor chocolate, we’ve made turned this local craft beer into a deeply delicious truffle using our rich 58% semi-sweet chocolate, and it has earned its place as the Product of the Month for September. Chocolate and beer, two of life’s tastiest pleasures, brought together for you by Branson’s Chocolates. Caldera Mogli® Truffles are the perfect treat for fall picnics, backyard BBQs, and football games. It’s a big win for everyone! Come on in and take home a box today.

Be sure to catch September’s Chocolate Talk video on our YouTube channel , featuring, of course, our newest truffle, the Caldera Mogli® Truffle. Find out why we chose Caldera Mogli® Bourbon Oak-Aged Chocolate Imperial Porter, and pick up some chocolate tips. Brian Goodwin directs and shoots our Chocolate Talk videos every month, where I discuss our newest Product of the Month chocolate confection, chocolate tips, and how I make our products.

If you want to catch us out and about in September, here’s where we will be:

  • September 18-20, I will be at the Southern Oregon Harvest Festival and Brewfest at the Expo in Central Point. Admission is free, so come “Celebrate abundance and reap the rewards of harvest time” with us. Friday we’ll be there 5-10pm, Saturday 12-8pm, and Sunday 10am-5pm.
  • We’re often out and about at many of the local wineries pairing our delicious chocolate with local wines, but we don’t have a September schedule yet. For the latest updates, check out our Facebook page .